50% of Profit Given

TrUe Identity is an apparel brand that has two distinct missions that we're passionate about. Our first mission is to instill a great sense of positive self-worth within each person we encounter. In order to live a fulfilling life, we have to understand that we are all made for something great. We have to understand that touching just one person's life or putting a smile on one person's face can be life changing for that person. Never underestimate the power of U!

The second mission of TrUe Identity is to highlight and partner with non-profit organizations who may not be well-known, yet they are out changing people's lives everyday. They're selflessly reaching out to change the lives of others. We will be highlighting and partnering with organizations who work with:

Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors, Domestic Violence Prevention organizations, organizations that work with Terminally and Chronically Ill Children, Suicide Prevention Organizations, Anti-Bullying Organizations, and more. We will be working with 4-5 organizations at a time for 2 months at a time to raise funds to help further the great work that they are doing!

Fifty Percent (50%) of profits from the sales of all TrUe Identity items will be donated to our non-profit partners.